How awesome is the Shaves2U Awesome Shave Kit?

When I was hanging out with a bunch of friends a few months ago, we got to talk about the topic of our preferences of shavers and how pricey these shaving products are. We also got to discuss our shaving routines and shared some shaving tips with each other.

However, from that discussion, a friend told us about how he switched from using branded shavers to a smaller company called Shaves2U. He said instead of buying shaving products whenever he ran out of them, he’s now subscribed to a Shaves2U monthly plan that sends him supplies to his doorstep.

All of us were skeptical of this subscription plan, since services like these are still kinda new in Malaysia. But the most bizarre thing about this plan was it ridiculously low price! According to my friend, you can start the subscription plan with just RM6.50!

I was curious. After gathering some information from that friend, I went on their website to conduct more research. Initially, I wanted to find out more about the trial kit, but the Awesome Shave Kit caught my eye instead.

Unlike the subscription plan, the Awesome Shave Kit is a one-time thing that delivers a razor, some cartridge supplies, a tube of shaving cream and a tube of after shave.

shaves2u review

It’s not the cheaper deal, but I went and got the Awesome Shave Kit instead. My rationale is that I could test it and give more insight to my other friends if they ever plan to try Shaves2U.

A week after placing my order, the package arrived at my home. I immediately began testing out the products.

Right away, I could tell that these are good quality products. The razors are sharp and they do a good job in shaving away the hairs on my face. The shaving cream also makes the job easier. After a smooth shaving experience, the after shave feels refreshing on the skin.

I’m supposed to meet up with the same group of friends later this week, so I can’t wait to share my experience with Shaves2U. Maybe I can convert them to our side!