RHB Malaysia: Together We Progress

RHB MY: Our Historical background and Values

Since 1999, RHB has provided wide-ranging and excellent expertise to all of its clientele. RHB Banking Group MY is the fourth premier financial expertise group in Malaysia. RHB, besides, has won many accolades for their work, such as the Bursa Excellence Awards, FinanceAsia, and many others. RHB’s services are devoted to three areas: personal, business, online credit card and Islamic banking.

RHB Personal Banking Options

RHB has numerous personal banking solutions for patrons at all stages of life- whether you’ve just begun working or need to plunge to a financial institution with better interest rates, we certainly have everything you need. Should you prefer a loan, our options range from home financing to auto financing, with variable repayment plans. Applying for a credit card can also be hassle-free, and includes unique presents and markdowns.

Increasing Your Success With RHB

Our experts here at RHB are also offered to assist you to invest your money. Besides protecting your money thru investment it, we have safety deposit boxes for all those also looking to secure significant documents or valuables. Apart from protection, your money is within safe hands if you would like to send it foreign through our remittance services.

RHB Bank

Organization Accounts at RHB

If you want a loan, RHB incorporates a range of alternatives and payment plans accessible. Opening an enterprise account with RHB is easy. Organizations only have to deposit RM3000, while sole traders down payment RM1000. This will allow that you target any project without worrying concerning your bank. RHB’s insurance choices are also perfect for an enterprise at any stage of improvement.

Business Banking with RHB

Besides the essence, we can also prepare trade funding expertise and have an array of experts to advise you on the best preferences to make. RHB is not only just your bank but besides, your companion. We present business solutions and details to enable you to develop your business. This recommendation also extends to the guidance in investments.

RHB Islamic Financial Accounts

Islamic banking isn’t just tied to Muslim customers; non-Muslim consumers are very welcome to apply as well. Standard banking is a bit more devoted to rates to get an income, while Islamic banking uses Shariah laws and puts both borrower and lender first. Some great benefits of Islamic banking are mainly moral- it can benefit all parties; it doesn’t matter what wealth you’ve.

Essential RHB Now Banking

Send money via the convenience of your very own phone with RHB Now Banking. With simply a rapid download of the app from your phone’s app store, you’ll accessibility your accounts simply from any place. The app could also assist you to pay your bills or obtain prepaid calling cards very easily. Our many quick tutorial videos will help you set up the app.

The Benefits of Financial with RHB

Banking with RHB is really a versatile experience. Using our numerous range of products and services, you may select which match your lifestyle best. Additionally, with our specialist help both for personal and business accounts, consumer banking has never been easier. Kindly visit RHB’s webpage to have more info on online credit card: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.

Quality Workforce With Common Minds

About Us

Common Minds is a brand that offers courses, workshops, and boot camps in many in-demand disciplines, including business management, digital technology, HRDF training and creative innovation. We aim to upskill and reskill the talents of individuals so that they can be productive in the challenging modern business landscape.

Common Minds offers you a wide choice of courses in different areas. Upskill your talent in fields such as language skills, digital marketing, or project management. Most of our courses can be claimed from the fund of HRDF so employers and workers can enjoy learning without any additional cost.

HRDF is a pool of funds collected from employers to ensure Malaysia continuously develop a high-quality workforce. Employers in the selected sectors must register to donate to this fund while earning benefits in return. Registered employers are going to be provided with training by qualified personnel.

Common Minds

With our courses, you can prepare for major English proficiency tests, like IELTS and TOEFL, with our language classes. Apart from tests, we also have lessons for language in the business field. Enhance your business language skills with courses like English for Business or Business Communication Skills with us.

Common Minds also offers courses to boost your marketing skills. Explore the best methods of a modern age marketing with our Digital Marketing courses that cover topics like search marketing mastery and community management. You can also learn how to strengthen your company’s brand with our Image & Branding courses.

Elevate your skills in human resources with our HR and Management courses. Please find out how you can manage a task excellently with our Project Management course. This catalogue covers a wide range of topics where you can learn how you can initiate, execute and control a task to meet specific goals within a time constrain.

Enhance your skills now with us. Please select from our vast range of courses to upskill your talent and competence to be productive in the current challenging business climate. Visit our website to learn more about our courses, HRDF training and products to find the one that matches you. Register your interest now with Common Minds.

Personal Insurance Coverages With AIG Malaysia

Plans such as personal accident insurance will help you to leave a legacy behind while protecting your family and children. When it comes to any unfortunate catastrophes or cutbacks, you are able to rest easy realizing that you and your family are safe. AIG Malaysia is an excellent place to start- it really is among the best insurance providers in Malaysia, and possesses thorough policies for everyone.

There are four key insurance coverage that each particular person really should have of their lives- home, car, travel, and personal accident insurance. AIG Malaysia provides policies for all of these instances, so you can make certain you are covered from all perspectives. No matter where you might be in daily life, consider getting an insurance plan with AIG. Thinking of travelling domestically or in another country? Consider getting one among AIG’s holiday insurance policies. Some benefits contain medical and private accident cover, comprehensive coverage, together with trip cancellation cover as well as any variety of travel hassle which you might come across.

AIG Malaysia

Feeling protected and safe at your home is important to every one, but sometimes unpredicted events appear. Many of the advantages of being covered by AIG’s Home Insurance policies include replacing of the earlier items with new items- in the matter of events like rental destruction or robbery.

AIG’s Auto Insurance policies make it possible for you and your car are safe against incidents, theft or fire. We have now several flexible plans for our prospects, and our states are to form, with fast response times. Moreover, AIG also can cover your liabilities towards more events if required.

Make sure that you and your loved ones are very well taken care of with AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance policies. Personal Accident Insurance can provide a detailed plan, by having a one go payout in the event of any unforeseen accidents, along with hospitalisation and medical benefits. Consider protecting your future and beloved with AIG Malaysia’s insurance plans today. Insurance can provide the confidence and security to live your best life with comfort.

Visit https://www.aig.my/personal to explore more about our insurance coverage and what will work ideal for you.