The Benefits of Having A Home Insurance

Buying a house is probably a huge investment for most people, with compulsory home insurance offered alongside home loans. For most homeowners, this insurance arrangement is deemed convenient and adequate, with few bothering to understand the policy and pricing, therefore, losing money in the long run — but do you know that you have the option to purchase home insurance from other insurance providers? 

Many people neglect the importance of having comprehensive home insurance due to the sophistication of modern home systems — failing to estimate the devastating consequences of emergency situations and disasters. Get proper home insurance coverage for your house through insurance experts to keep your safe sanctuary protected! Below are some of the benefits of obtaining home insurance.

AIG Malaysia

Replace old items with new items

In the event of a devastating fire, a burglar break-in or other uncontrollable situations,  you will need time to recover the huge loss of belongings and property — having home insurance can help you ease your burden. AIG home insurance covers your household contents and personal possessions by replacing your old items with brand new ones of the closest equivalent. 

Property protection against natural disasters

Despite Malaysia being a tropical country that is shielded from most major natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, the country is not an entirely disaster-free safe haven either. Recently, we have seen a surge in natural disasters such as floods and extreme weather happening throughout the country that resulted in the loss of lives and destruction of property — culminated by the climate crisis. Your home and personal possessions will be protected against natural disasters like fires, lightning, flood and other natural events with AIG home insurance.

Is the weather actually becoming more extreme?

Round-the-clock protection

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, property crimes are threefold more than violent crimes, with house break-ins and theft topping the list by 16,497 cases in 2019. Need round-the-clock protection to keep your personal belongings safe and sound? AIG home insurance covers your home contents and personal belongings when you are inside or away from home. Besides that, the insurance also provides coverage of up to 30% of your personal valuables including fine watches, branded handbags, electronic gadgets and jewellery.


Financial assistance and logistics support are indispensable help in the face of unforeseen circumstances — never underestimate the importance of home insurance! Protect your family home and personal possessions with AIG home insurance,  a comprehensive and flexible plan that covers your house together with its home contents against fire, burglary, armed robbery & other risks. 

Make your home a safer abode for you and your family by keeping your home and belongings secure with the AIG home insurance — head over to for more information.