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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Welcome to Preble Township!

Our township is 158 years old this year!

Our community is located along the eastern edge of Fillmore County in Southeastern Minnesota.  The heart of bluff country with the South Fork Root River and the 'Big Woods' hardwood forests running through the township.  We value our small family farms, rural residences, recreational cabins, streams, woods and trails -- and the rural lifestyle they provide us.  An abundance of wildlife -- trout, deer, turkeys, coyotes, fox, eagles, pheasants and people.

We have a population of about 201 people and 84 households. Many of us have lived in the township our entire lives.  Ancestors of some of our families settled the township in the 1850s and 1860s.  

We welcome you to visit our scenic rural township.    From Rushford, you can reach Preble Township by driving south on Highway 43 into Choice.  From Lanesboro or Preston, you can reach us by driving east on County Road 12.  And, from Mabel, you can reach us by driving north on Highway 43 into Tawney and Chickentown.  Click here to view map of Preble Township. 

Our website features information on both the Preble Township community and government. Our website is intended for you to roam around.  If you want to view township photos, photos are here.  If you want to know about township roads, road information is here.  If you want to know about township history, history is here.  If you want to know what township government is doing, township meeting highlights are here.  Profiles and stories about our township residents.  Trout fishing conditions on our streams.  So, roam around in our website.











Big Woods Orchard


150 Years of

Scheie Lutheran