Ebene’s Knee Guards and More Great Products

Ebene Malaysia has been here for many years, in addition presence has been proven significant to drive an impact towards general public wellness. Ebene concentrates on selling goods that is designed to promote blood and oxygen flow, which will ultimately result in an perfected health.

Ebene have their own effective technology which makes healing possible without consuming medication. This technology is referred to as Bio-Ray, where every single piece of its products manage to transmit energy deep towards the flesh and bone for healing purposes. This energy warms the spot to enhance circulation of blood.


Knee Guard

In Malaysia, Ebene is famous for the knee guards. The item is good for individuals who are active in sports, the elder people, and even those experiencing pain inside the knee as a result of many reasons. Based on your needs, Ebene offers standard knee guard in addition to knee guards with metal support.

The item features an adjustable strap, that will help to provide maximum comfort for their user regardless of body size as they are easy to readjust accordingly. When used regularly, Ebene knee guard will help to reduce inflammation and swelling by supporting better blood flow into the knee.




Ankle Guard

Next, there’s the ankle guard. The equipment is designed specifically for everyone experiencing discomfort and pain around the ankle. Hence, it’s perfect to be utilized by athletes, specially those active in the forms of sports that would need a great number of feet movement just like marathon, football, as well as basketball.

With the knowledge that consumers will be required to wear this product regularly so that they can gain the most gain from it, Ebene has intentionally came up with product which includes a washable material. In order to preserve the materials, you’re advised to only use mild detergent to clean & avoid extreme rubbing.


Compression Socks

If you regularly have a very stressed leg that triggers discomfort and numbness, consider Ebene’s compression socks. The socks can help warm your feet once worn, yet still time the minerals placed on it’s going to transmit energy to give your toes an identical benefit as obtaining foot massage.

Those people that wear this compression sock can have the same benefit as obtaining a foot massage. Ebene’s compression sock is very great for older persons who will often have leg cramps, folks that walk or drive long distances all the time, and basically everyone who wear shoes for long hours.



These are just several of the many useful products made available from Ebene. If you want for more information regarding the plethora of products sold, you can go and visit Ebene’s official website. Plus, if you are hoping to buy online, you can go to Guardian Malaysia & Caring Pharmacy’s website.