Could Your 4 Year Old Do All These Things?

If your child is about to become a toddler, it’s important to monitor child growth and development in the next few years. This is to ensure that you get to know your child better as well as not miss out on symptoms of underlying issues. Here are some things your toddler should be able to do by 4 years old!

Language Milestones

Your child may start to be a bit more talkative, if they weren’t before. When your child gets to their 4th birthday, they should be able to say their own name and also age. They should also be able to answer simple questions and speak in short, but sometimes complete sentences. Due to creative cognitive development, children may also start telling stories.

Cognitive Milestones

By ages 3 to 4, your child should be asking questions, maybe even too much! While it may be annoying at times, being curious is a perfectly normal milestone. On top of this habit, your child may also correctly name colours, remember parts of a story and also recognize and identify common objects and pictures.

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Movement Milestones

Since they’re just about to enter kindergarten, they’re busy moving about! Your little four year old would be able to kick, throw, and catch a ball with their friends. Running becomes easier as they get more confident and riding a tricycle would also be a breeze. At school, teachers may encourage these developments by incorporating playtime in lessons or school schedules.

Emotional and Social Milestones

Your child is not only becoming more independent physically, but also emotionally. Lesser tantrums and also they start becoming more social, developing friendships at kindergarten as they learn to take turns and cooperate. The 4 year old would also imitate Imitate familiar family members and friends as well as show affection to them.


Watching your child’s development and growth is important to understand your children and see if there is something requires concern or worry. Check and see if your four year old could do these things! Learn more about child development and growth here