Did You Know These Hidden Features of the Huawei P30?

The Huawei P30 is an excellent choice of a smartphone for photography lovers. The company designed the phone to have a super camera system as well as other features to rewrite the rules of smartphone photography. Some of the photography features in the phone include long exposure, ultra-wide-angle lenses and macro lenses.

However, there some hidden features of the Huawei P30 that not everyone knows. Here’s a list of cool tricks the phone can do:

Use your knuckles to take screenshots

A lot of phones use complicated to capture the screens of phones. For example, some phones require users to hold down multiple buttons to do it. Not only is it awkward to hold your phone that way, but it can also be challenging to remember which buttons to press.

Huawei P30, on the other hand, uses only your knuckles to do the trick. For a screenshot, simply knock on the screen with your knuckle. Two knocks allow you to record your screen and drawing an ‘S’ with the knuckle lets you take a scrolling screenshot.

huawei p30

Charge without wires

Say goodbye to messy cables and heavy charging heads, Huawei P30 solves this problem with the Wireless Charging Case. Now, you can charge while on the go, and move freely around while your phone is charging!

The Wireless Charging Case also allows you to share the battery wirelessly with other smartphones using the Wireless Reverse Charging feature.

Unlock your phone with your face

Typing passwords to unlock your phone is a common feature for most smartphones, but Huawei has brought security to the next level by using face recognition. All you have to do is look at your phone, and your phone is unlocked!

Unlocking with face recognition is faster than typing your password manually, and Huawei P30 makes sure it works at any lighting. You can also this feature to open your mobile apps.

Move data easily

If you’re planning to get the Huawei P30 but dread the process of transferring your data, we have good news for you. The Phone Clone feature in the phone allows you to clone your phone data from your old phone to your new one.

This feature can transfer 200 photos within a minute, and other files such as videos, contacts and mobile apps. Now you have no excuse not to own a Huawei P30!


If you decide to own the Huawei P30, make sure you are aware of all the hidden features of the phone! Knowing all these features will give you a better smartphone experience.

You can be a proud owner of the Huawei P30 if you sign up for Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365. Visit https://www.digi.com.my/shop/phones/phonefreedom365/huawei for more information.

Digi Malaysia: Prepaid Plan & Far more

Broadband Internet Package & More by Digi

Just as much as quite a few people try to deny it, it is difficult to live without internet access, since we utilize them to interact and then make how we live better. Without strong and stable connection, things are likely to be hard to work with, regardless of whether it’s something personal or business. Where can we get a terrific network provider?

One of the several big players, one of them seemingly shine above and beyond the others, which is Digi. Though the brand arrived later than Celcom as well as Maxis in 1995, Digi was the first to introduce an entirely digital mobile phone network on the local customers. Presently, Digi offers excellent mobile and internet plans to everybody.

Digi’s prepaid plan happens to be one of several product to purchase. If you want to take them into consideration, their prepaid SIM card is definitely all too easy to buy. You can just drop by 7 Eleven and acquire one and make the registration along at the counter before enjoying the most out of what we believe is the ideal prepaid plan in Malaysia.

Besides, there’s also a range of postpaid plans for people who opt to make payment on monthly basis rather than being required to reload the their mobile prepaid regularly. Yes, postpaid plans had been expensive, but that’s history. At as little as RM50, you could get your own Digi postpaid plan already!

Getting a great plan and blazing fast 4G LTE internet is nothing without a high performance device that couples it. We’re talking Apple’s latest smartphones here, like the iPhone 8 or the one before it, iPhone 7. You can easily get your hands on a fresh smartphone after you sign up for Digi’s postpaid plan.

But Digi won’t offer only Apple phones in the store. You may find a lot of different products coming from other brands too, including Samsung Galaxy S8, Vivo V7 , or perhaps Oppo R9S, that each and every has got an awesome rebate price. Believe us, you won’t need to get this sort of deal anywhere else in the market.


Sometimes, we might have a very different kind of need that broadband is way more relevant. Do not be concerned, as with Digi, you can find a a number of broadband internet plan to consider that’ll be created for you. If you appreciate online streaming, go for Digi’s Broadband 100 plan that offers 100GB of internet data.

For travelers, here is a benefit with Digi’s plans that may be worth noting, that is the roaming plan. The times where you have to buy disposable SIM cards out of the country are gone for good, as you possibly can simply surf the internet with your very own Digi SIM card. On the initial rate as little as RM5, you just need activation.

Last but not least, Digi is a great mobile phone network provider simply because possess an outstanding consumer support staff. If you happen to require any variety of assistance, you can just visit their site or call the customer care careline at 106 2211 180 to have any matter concerning your subscription plan sorted out.

How Mitsubishi Electric Products Change Our Life

The technology is at the cutting-edge where lots of high-quality products have been manufactured. Most notably, electrical and electronic products. Our life comes to be easier and functional since these products have been exposed to the world. Perhaps the best electrical and electronic products manufacturer is Mitsubishi Electric, as when we talk about air cond Malaysia, the first brand that comes to our mind is always Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric: Changes for the Better

Malaysia is the most strategic location in ASEAN, this makes Mitsubishi Electric invest and create a factory in Malaysia in 1989. With variant models like air conditioning, variable refrigerant flow, and air curtains. This makes Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia one of the most successive brands considering that the equipments covered for personal and enterprise solutions.

Air Conditioner

However Mitsubishi Electic it not just tied to air conditioner production relevant to the household purpose, because they ended up being the top available on the market, but they also offer air conditioner systems that are created for residential, industrial and commercial use, all energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

air cond malaysia

Building System

Additionally, Mitsubishi Electric offers amenities for buildings, such as elevators, lifts, and escalators in accordance with innovative engineering and advanced technology. Most of these products answer to safety and sustainability standards, to be certain reliability and sturdiness, for all the well-being of users.

Automation System

With Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation System, higher productivity and energy-saving can be performed. Like for example, they successfully helping their customer for increasing their added value and competitiveness. Most of the well-known automation systems are plc (Programmable Logic Controller), industrial robots, and Human Machine Interface (HMIs).

Home Products

Do you know what could be the first-hit product? This is an electric fan definitely for consumer use. If you are searching for high-quality and sturdy home products such as fan, refrigerator, water pump, freezer, or fridge, pay a visit to Mitsubishi Electric. Their home products incorporate high technologies for minimal environmental impact.

Green Technology

Acknowledging the value of climate-related ecological and financial threat in the direction of the planet’s eco-system and economy conditions. Indeed, Mitsubishi intends on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and in addition the Paris Agreement goals, attempting to limit climate change to well below 2°C by supporting the growth of green energy.

Research & Development

In an attempt to continuously manufacturing high-tech and high-performance products, Mitsubishi Electric conveys a lot of efforts in Research and Development (R&D). As one example, they won The Invention Prize in 2018 with regard to their variety of interior-oriented air conditioning unit. They have already a few R&D centers in Japan that target creating high-tech products.

As being the highest-rated company, Mitsubishi Electric always ensure their products may well meet consumer’s needs. Through their goods, our life becomes additional easier and comfy that is an incontrovertible fact Mitsubishi Electric improve the quality of one’s life. When you find yourself interested in their products and services, do visit their internet site at https://my.mitsubishielectric.com/en/products-solutions/air-conditioning/racbrand/index.html for additional information.

Digi Malaysia: Internet data Plan & A lot more

Need A Smartphone & Mobile Plan? Decide on Digi

Green, blue, orange, or yellow is now no longer just 4 colors we learn at the kindergarten. In the telecom market sector, each one of these colors represents a handful of the top players in the local telecommunication industry. In the following paragraphs, we provide you with the greatest of them all purely for your particular attention.

The yellow Digi

Available in this space, Digi which is usually synonymous with the color yellow, Digi, really shines. Since their inception in 1995, Digi has changed into a brand that is certainly well-known to push the boundaries and also innovates its offerings, whether it is an internet plan or even a common smartphone subscription package.

Seamless internet experience

With Digi, it owns the best internet plan Malaysia that has long been the very best products to buy. Whilst the registration is rather simple, get ready to experience seamless mobile internet experience. Plus, sometimes Digi in addition offer prepaid plans with free additional data for music and video streaming, along with free call credit too!

Wonderful postpaid

For many who prefer postpaid plan, Digi also offers a wonderful package. Additionally, you can apply a network switch easily simply by making request to Digi. Upon successful request and right after settling all outstanding commitments with the existing provider, your own plan is going to be activated in just a few days.

Hype for Apple

Digi knows better if the marketplace likes, along with the plus side to them is they’re always made ready to deliver. Along with the hype for Apple products, Digi began supplying a great offer for smartphone purchase like the iPhone 8 that is included with their postpaid plan. Now that is really a big plus for people!

More value

As Digi is aware that nearly all of it customers are seeking out great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to complement. Keep in mind famous Android phones like Samsung are there, but what’s really special is most likely the free smartphone deals, including the Oppo F5 & Vivo Y66 which you can get from Digi.

High speed broadband

High speed broadband is an additional consumer’s favorite product caused by its convenience. at Digi, you will get a 4G wireless broadband at as few as RM30 which provides you 18GB of data. However, in case you require more data allocation month-to-month, go ahead and try the ultimate plan, that is certainly Digi Broadband 100.

best internet plan malaysia

Stay connected, even overseas

It does not end there. As a lot of people has also the necessity to contact some others overseas for both personal & commercial purposes, he or she can save probably the most with Digi since this company gives free international calling or IDD depending upon the plan. For travelers, they might enjoy the low-cost roaming.

Work the best of you

Lastly, a brilliant consumer can ascertain know what works best for them. With that in mind, Digi probably will not more popular over Maxis and Celcom if not for the exceptional deals they’ve got for the consumers. We hope that this time, we can convince yourself to consider Digi as the preferred network provider. To learn more, visit their site at https://new.digi.com.my

Digi Malaysia: Prepaid Plan & More

To the extent that a number of people try to deny it, it is really tricky to do without the internet, because we rely on them to interact making how we live better. Without strong and stable connection, things will likely to be hard to work with, whether something personal or business. Where will we find a terrific network provider?

Need Smartphone & Mobile Plan? Get Digi

In Malaysia, there happens to be notable telecommunication mobile phone network provider that consistently offers great plans that is Digi. Be it an internet or telephone plan, Digi provides the greatest deals you could choose, where all sorts of consumers that include students, professionals, and perhaps even companies may benefit from.

Prepaid Plans

Digi’s prepaid plan continues to be one of the main product to buy. In order to give them a try, their prepaid SIM card is almost certainly very easy to buy. You can easily head to 7 Eleven and have one and make the registration while in the counter before enjoying the most from that which we believe is the ideal prepaid plan in Malaysia.

Postpaid Plans

Besides, there’s even a range of postpaid plans in case you would rather making payment on the monthly basis rather than needing to reload the their mobile prepaid routinely. Yes, postpaid plans used to be expensive, but that’s history. At as little as RM50, you can aquire your own Digi postpaid plan already!

Apple iPhones

With great internet, you’ll need a great phone. Seeing that everybody agrees that the iPhone 8 makes a great smartphone with stunning functions, have you thought to buy one with Digi’s phone purchase package? With Easy Payment Plan obtainable for people who needs it, owning the latest smartphone is easier now.

Android Phones

If you like an Android smartphone better, such as Oppo R15 Pro, well Digi provides the right plan for you as well! Along with a handful of awesome smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, and Oppo in store, Digi means to provide you with whatever you need. Another advantage worth noting here is that all these phones come with a low price.

oppo r15 pro

Broadband Plans

Broadband internet is an additional consumer’s favorite product due to its convenience. at Digi, you can find a 4G wireless broadband at as few as RM30 that gives you 18GB of internet data. However, for those who demand more data allocation on a monthly basis, you can also try the highest plan, that is definitely Digi Broadband 100.

Roaming and IDD Calls

While we turn out to be more ready to accept communication with overseas countries, Digi has come up with a great offer where it gives you an extraordinary rate for international calls. Should you use a postpaid or prepaid Digi number, simply dial 133 before entering the selected number to experience the reduced fee.



As a result, a sensible consumer is fully aware of decide what works best for them. With that said, Digi defintely won’t be gaining popularity over Maxis and Celcom if not for impressive deals they’ve got for the consumers. Hopefully that this time, we’ll be able to convince you to ultimately consider Digi as your favored network provider. Find out more about Digi at https://new.digi.com.my/home

The Guide for Vivo’s Smart Split

Google officially introduced the split-screen mode for smartphones with Android 7.0 Nougat in 2016. It allowed users to multi-task with two running apps at the same time. No more will you need to pause your video to reply to a message!

The split-screen mode is available on most Android smartphones, including Vivo Y81. Check out this guide for you if you’re not aware of this convenient feature:

Activate it

If you haven’t turned on the split-screen mode on your Vivo phone, all you have to do is go to your settings and enable it. Once you’re done with that, you can start multi-tasking!

Three fingers are all you need

While using an app, slide down three fingers on your phone’s screen to use the split-screen feature on your Vivo. Then, choose the other app you wish to run, and you’re good to go!

Tip: Remember, it’s slide down. Sliding up three fingers takes a screenshot instead.

vivo y81

Split-screen in full-screen view

Your Vivo may sometimes enable split-screen mode by itself. This situation usually happens when you’re running an app in full-screen view, and you receive a floating popup. If you click on it, your screen will split into two halves automatically.

Adjust your split-screen size

When your phone splits the screen into two equal areas, it can be difficult to use the apps, especially if you need more space to view your screen. You can solve this problem by dragging the splitting dot in the middle and adjust accordingly.

Ending the split-screen mode

There are few ways to disable the split-screen feature when you’re finished using it. The first method is to long-tapping the split-screen app switching icon, and it will close the app at the bottom. The other way is to drag the divider line all the way up or down of your display.


The split-screen mode is very convenient for people that want people to run two apps simultaneously. However, it is important to note that not all apps are available in split-screen mode.

The Vivo Y81 is one of the many smartphones where you can use the split-screen feature. Click on http://www.vivo.com/my/product/productDetails?id=63 to get one today!

Is Samsung Note 9 better than iPhone X?

The Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are two best smartphones loved by many people around the world. Let’s find out what are the key features of these two smartphones! Here’s all you need to know.


What are the Apple iPhone X’s key features?

  • Waterproof 

The iPhone X has rated IP67, which means it is entirely dust-resistant and water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 3 feet or less.  


  • Face ID 

Face ID is a new feature of the iPhone X. Face ID is a face unlock recognition system that replaces the old Touch ID fingerprint scanner. To unlock your iPhone X, merely glance at it. The Face ID works best when your device is arm’s length or 25-50 cm away from your face.

iPhone X

  • Animoji

You can now create cartoon character clips miming along your facial movements. The iPhone X’s front camera can sense depth so it can map your face and your movements accurately.


  • Wireless Charging 

The iPhone X supports wireless charging. So if you’ve got a Qi-wireless charger, then you can charge your iPhone X without having to plug any cables.


What are the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s key features?

  • DeX computing 

The DeX has this feature where they allow you to turn your monitor or television into a smart computer for enhanced desktop experience when you connect it with certain Samsung smartphones. DeX computing has become more straightforward and easy to use with the Galaxy Note 9. For DeX to function, Note 9 doesn’t require a dock, and you just need a regular HDMI cable.


  • Stereo speakers and a bigger battery 

The Galaxy Note 9 has dual speakers and custom-tuned by audio experts at AKG. The Galaxy Note 9 has a whopping 4,000 mAh battery, which is 500 mAh more than the Galaxy S9+ and 700 mAh more than the Galaxy Note 8.


  • Bluetooth-enable S-Pen 

The S-Pen is one of the key differentiating features for the Samsung Galaxy Note-series smartphones. Once the Bluetooth is enabled, the S-Pen can be used to control many mobile phone features like camera, YouTube, etc., along with regular inking capabilities.


The iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9 share many of the same features. If you’ve always been an iPhone user and is very comfortable with the apps on your iPhone, then it’s probably worth you sticking with the platform.


If you’re a tech-savvy user that wants to get more from your phone, you will enjoy the freer experience you get from the Galaxy Note 9.


Guide to Choose the Right Smartphone to Suit Your Needs

The purchase of a smartphone it not just about acquiring models from the brand you like. Set the marketing fluffs aside, there are many aspects to take into consideration to make sure that the telephone is a value buy instead of cause annoyance each and every day you’re using it. So, here are some of the features that you must consider before making buying.


Operating System

The world of smartphones is divided into 2 major realms. On one side you can find Android OS additionally, on the opposite there is always iOS. As Android is open source, it really is readily customisable and you can now personalise your user experience. iOS however, offers a more intuitive user experience. It’s rather challenging to say the best android phone, but those that value a higher mobile hardware specs could go for the Android line-up such as Vivo, Oppo, Huawei or Samsung.


Screen Size

Choosing the right display size matters. Not just that they determine the actual experience you have when playing games and watching videos, but bigger screen will also mean even larger phones. While large screens might seem to possess many of the great things, it’d nevertheless be annoying whenever you can’t fit them in the pocket as you go along. However, if you like a larger screen, check out Vivo V11i!


Display Quality

Firstly, to consider that bigger screen doesn’t imply better display. Due to the fact, for display, the color quality and screen brightness can appear far more important compared to the screen resolution itself. So, pay extra attention when you get you hands on any smartphone at the shop.


Camera Performance

One of our smartphone’s main function could be to capture and record the moment. Plus, there isn’t any doubt considering that better image quality gets you more post engagement. Don’t fret in regards to the megapixel, instead seek aperture and special features – by way of example, Vivo V11i smartphone is included with dual camera that creates stunning images.


Data Storage

Nowadays, 1 image could have a size of 2MB. Considering the amount of photos and videos we take, plus the applications and games installed, data storage capacity should never be taken lightly. So, make certain that you have chosen ones with at the least 32 GB of storage. Even better, also consider the ones that allows external Micro sd card insertion.


Battery Capacity

For many people, the key feature of the smartphone would be the battery capacity. No individual enjoys to charge their phones two times a day or bring a mobile charger everyday. If battery capacity is important for you, seek out smartphones with not less than 3,000 mAh. Depending on how much you truly make use of your smartphone, 3,000 mAh ought to get you throughout the day.


Vivo V11i | Vivo Malaysia


Additional Features

Different people have different needs, so sometimes the additional features may be necessary sometimes to suit your needs. If you’re an advanced user and will not mind paying premium for convenience, you can look for phones that support wireless charging or fingerprint scanner phone unlocker. Some smartphones can also double as a screen projector or even VR display.



When purchasing, always make sure that that you do not pay a lot more than you’ll need for a smartphone. There’s no need to spend a lot to obtain a phone which fits your need. While iPhone is actually famous now, there are plenty of other brands out there that sells great budget smartphone that provides affordability..

Broadband Internet Plan & Amazing Deal by Digi

Now, the highly developed communication technology has brought every one of us closer to each other. It is undeniable that today, an important mechanism that make it all possible are smartphones as well as the internet. As we begin on the matter of internet, it is often problematic to come across good & reliable mobile phone network provider.

Digi Malaysia: Internet data Plan & Even more

On the list of big players, one of them seem to are noticeable above and beyond the rest, that is Digi. Though the brand arrived later than Celcom and Maxis in 1995, Digi was the first to introduce a totally digital mobile phone network for the local customers. Nowadays, Digi offers excellent smartphone and internet packages to everyone.

Choose Your The Best Mobile Plan

digi prepaid


Digi is right now probably the greatest providers you can find in Malaysia. With all sorts of varieties of mobile prepaid plan to go along with, Digi promises great value in the form of unlimited internet, free calls, and a lot more. Since it’s merely a prepaid plan, just go ahead and obtain a SIM card to give it a chance. Get more details here new.digi.com.my/prepaid

Plus, you may as well elect to try Digi’s postpaid plan. If you wish to maintain your number from a different provider, you are able to request a network switch, provided that all of the bills are actually settled. Digi offers the best postpaid plan with free calls, strong internet access & free data!

As Digi recognizes the consumers’ needs, they also have been one of the earliest to start up offering smartphone purchase together with the postpaid plan. Of course, Apple’s smartphones are among the popular smartphones many consumers pick. So, now is your possible opportunity to get your hands on an iPhone 8 or iPhone X quickly!

If you prefer an Android smartphone instead, well Digi will have the right package for you as well! With several fascinating smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, as well as Oppo up for grabs, Digi plans to offer you anything you need. Another plus point worth noting here is that all these phones come with a lower price.

Still, it’s incontestable that today, we rely more on the web to get in touch, and much less to make calls and send text messages. Understanding this, Digi has ensured that its plans provide the best internet package to get currently, be it for the postpaid, prepaid, or high-speed broadband package.

For travellers, this is the aspect of Digi’s plans that is worth noting, it is the roaming plan. The days in which you have to purchase disposable SIM cards overseas are gone, as you can simply surf the internet with your personal Digi SIM card. With the initial rate only RM5, you only need activation.

When we highlight every great offer Digi have for customers, we predict it helps anybody to make better decisions should they choose, or in other words, re-choose their mobile phone network provider in Malaysia. Let’s not waste our money on excessive charges, and start practising smart consumerism in our life.