Social Media Recruiting Habits You Need to Stop

Everyone is on social media these days, and it explains why businesses and companies are putting their focus on them. Recruiters are no exception.

Although there are advantages of using social media as a form of recruiting, it isn’t perfect without flaws. Experienced recruiters will know better to use more than social media to discover talent. For example, recruitment sites like Jobstreet Singapore are great in hiring candidates.

If you are a recruiter using social media as a recruiting tool, make sure you don’t have these habits:

Using only social media to post jobs

Social media is all the craze right now, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be your only option when hiring. If you think flooding candidates’ social feeds with job advertisement is an excellent recruitment strategy, we advise you to think again. Unless you are a trusted profile on social media, your social audience will be annoyed by your ads.

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Not putting enough effort on your personal brand

Creating a presence on social media requires a lot of effort and time. Your posts need to be engaging and educational, and churning out top quality content on a consistent basis takes a lot of hard work. Without a proper developed personal brand, you won’t catch the attention of candidates.

Sticking to old trends

The internet is always moving at a fast pace with trends that come and go. Although it’s comfortable and easy to stick to what you know, it’s essential to stay on trend and the latest strategies. If you are recruiting on social media, you should never rest on a method as what you know today may not apply three months into the future.

Not daring to stand out

With so many people on social media, you won’t stand out if you don’t do anything different. The social recruitment space on the internet is a busy place, and it’s becoming incredibly difficult to be heard above all the noise. To stand out, you need to look for tips and ways to stay ahead of the curve. Lead instead of following, and try to be different.


The social media space is a challenging place for recruiters, but it’s worth putting in the effort as it is where everyone is.

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