What To Do When You Get Into An Accident

Based on latest available data, our roads have seen 521,466 accidents in 2016. With the steady increase of cars on our roads, that figure is bound to go up.

But worry not; the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) already has plans in motion to reduce accident rates by 20% since two years ago and 50% from 2020 onwards. Plus, there is no shortage of car insurance providers in Malaysia.

Accidents aren’t preventable, but there are steps that you can take to ensure both you and you car are taken care of in the event of a collision.

Move your car aside

An accident is dangerous, but a static car in the middle of the road is an even bigger hazard, especially on major highways where people are prone to speeding. If your car can start, drive it to the side of the road or an emergency lane. If it can’t, enlist the help of others to help you push your car to safety.

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Step out and assess the damage on both cars

Before you do, first determine if this is in fact just an accident. There are some really creative scams out there where they pretend to bump your car and hijack it the moment you step out. Leave your lamps on if it’s dark and use the torchlight feature on your phone to get a better shot of scratches and dents.

Be firm with you want to do

When accidents happen, people are going to try to make a quick buck off you. Don’t panic when motorcyclists pull over and tell you they “know someone who can fix your car for cheap” or a tow truck appears out of nowhere and coerces you into engaging their services. It’s always better to rely on the assistance of your car insurance company.

Exchange information

Make sure to obtain the name, mobile number, license plate number, and driver’s license number of the other party. That way you can hold them accountable if they decide to disappear.

Immediate settlement or insurance claim

There are only two ways to go about this. Agree on a settlement or claim from your car insurance provider. Think about your No-Claim-Discount (NCD). Are you keen to forego that entitlement for a minor collision where no one is hurt? If yes, head to the police station to make a police report right away.

It’s reassuring to have access to a reliable road assistance service. If you’re actively looking for car insurance, AIG would be a great start.

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AIG Malaysia: All-In-One Insurance Plan

For almost Six decades since 1953, AIG seemed to be serving the Malaysian community through innovative solutions that happen to be constantly designed for the needs of an individual and corporate clients. AIG Malaysia currently is operating in 15 offices nationwide, maintained by a considerable network of agents, brokers, and schemes. It provides them the capabilities to give quality services that meet clients’ expectations.

Realize AIG Malaysia’s Present Insurance Offering

Realizing that nothing is more vital than protection and assurance when handling the uncertain future, AIG Malaysia delivers a variety of solutions that will be beneficial to both personal and business needs.

When acquiring assets which can include homes and cars, the authority makes insurance purchase mandatory to make certain that everyone can protect themselves during mishaps. If ever the customers choose to purchase the car of home insurance from AIG, they’re going to be able to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the proper payment. Visit AIG home insurance website at www.aig.my/personal/home-insurance/standard-home-insurance and get quotation for your home to be protected by AIG from natural disasters, theft and secured your valuable items.

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Nevertheless, their is still primary aspect every one should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates people around the importance of a medical insurance plan, it is pleasing to be able to witness a steady boost in numbers of health related insurance purchase every single year due to their tireless effort.

Additionally, citizens also travel more each day, especially thanks to lower travelling cost and growth of the local businesses to overseas markets. Endeavoring to ensure consumers can travel peacefully, AIG gives you a complete travel insurance package which may be purchased that insures both local and global trips.

For organisations and businesses, a high level risk management solutions are made available. From property insurance to liability insurance, marine insurance, aerospace insurance, and even engineering related insurance; corporations are free to subscribe a versatile yet well-rounded plan that serves their risk management needs.

Along with the variety of protection plan available, AIG is capable to provide quality plan to customers from various industries, like for example companies in the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, along with media & technology sector. Besides that, since they view the rise of SMEs from the local market, AIG developed a distinctive package that may protect these rising enterprises from all of types of risks as they expand.

Hence, customers who’re interested to acquire more information about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can go to their site to get details on nearby agents to arrange a private meeting. To customers preferring a straightforward approach, they can simply demand a quote within the website and provide relevant information to make sure that assessment could be made.

Taking innovation in marketing to a higher level, AIG Malaysia has recently worked along with Lazada to grant online insurance purchase within their partner’s platform. With way, customers may have a more friendly online shopping experience as their insurance coverage can be approved in a matter of Three days upon successful purchase and registration.

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Services Offers

More than sixty years since 1953, AIG has become serving the Malaysian community through innovative solutions that can be constantly customized around the needs of individuals and corporate clients. AIG Malaysia today is operating in 15 offices nationwide, held up by an excessive network of agents, brokers, and schemes. It gives them the capabilities to offer quality services that meet clients’ expectations.

Learn about AIG Malaysia’s Newest Insurance Offering

AIG knows that insurance and risk management plan’s really vital to protect consumers out of the unforeseeable future. Therefore, they offered several types of insurance packages that might be benefited by both corporations and individuals.

For the people, having a car or just a house is quite a scary thing without proper insurance policies. Because of the importance, the Government of Malaysia has even made insurance subscription mandatory in order to ensure of the fact that citizen will be able to protect their assets in the case of misfortunes. Due to this, AIG Malaysia offers car insurance policy & property insurance plan that includes a comprehensive coverage.

Nonetheless, most likely the most precious thing a particular person can get is their own well being and health. While it tends to develop into a challenge for insurers like AIG to show the people for the needs to purchase health insurance, it has now seen a steady increase in the number of purchases made caused from the hassle the company has created to create awareness.

Plus, persons also travel more every day, especially caused by lower traveling cost and growth of the local businesses to international markets. Wishing to ensure people can travel peacefully, AIG supplies a complete travel insurance package which could be purchased that ensures both domestic and abroad trips.

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Moreover, for business entities, AIG is actually actively supplying a high-level risk management plan that is certainly tightly related to their demands. Whether an extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting, and captive services insurance or possibly trade credit insurance, corporate customers have the option to customize their own personal subscription plan with AIG in order to avoid both over insurance and underinsurance.

Businesses from manufacturing, banking institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, or the media & technology sector can eventually make the most of this unique plan. Nevertheless, there has never been an oversight inside of the needs of SMEs. Acknowledge that small companies could eventually require protection too, AIG has therefore launched the SME Package to interested businesses.

Hence, individuals and companies that happen to be keen to sign up for AIG Malaysia’s insurance plan can go to their website and ask for a quote. Once they demand more personal assistance, customers can just get details on agents serving the area around nearby area and have a scheduled appointment set.

AIG Malaysia’s latest strategy is quite appealing, while they started to partner with one of the premier e-commerce players in the nation, Lazada Malaysia, to enable online insurance purchase within their partner’s platform. This should ultimately give maximum convenience to subscribers as they are able just to buy insurance, complete a quick registration, and have the plan activated within three days. Check out AIG travel insurance now https://www.aig.my/personal/travel/travel-insurance