By PUMA, for Women: Run with Style & Comfort

As a woman, looking for the perfect running shoes for women can be dreading and hard. There are a lot of sports shoes aimed at the women’s audience, however, most of them are not even good when it comes to running or walking especially in a long-distance. Plus, there is a very limited amount of guides shared online about this. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to know more.

Measure your feet to find the ones that fit you the best

Gait analysis at any running store can determine whether you need a support shoe to prevent overpronation (when your foot rolls inwards excessively) or a neutral shoe if your foot falls centrally and does not roll. A thumb’s width of space at the end of the shoe is ideal – normally a half or a complete size larger than your street shoe size. We at PUMA would also advise you to go for the ones that feel the greatest rather than the ones that look the finest.

As a basic guideline, lighter, less cushioned shoes are ideal when you want to run fast, generally over shorter distances, but not for the majority of your kilometres.

Cushioning – Heel, and forefoot

The material used in the midsole reduces the impact shock of a heel strike. According to research, the body makes up the majority of cushioning for your joints, and you land harder in a more cushioned shoe. Thus heel cushioning is mostly an issue of perceived comfort, whereas forefoot shoe cushioning protects the foot structures. That’s why PUMA really prioritises cushioning when it comes to their shoes.


Avoid common mistakes when buying

Keep in mind when buying running shoes that you shouldn’t let the ‘looks’ deceive you, one way or another. Yes, we can’t help ourselves upon seeing those brand new attractive shoes that will complete your look but, not all of them are made for running. Especially for women runners. Another mistake is buying shoes that are too small for your feet. Leave some space as mentioned above to let your feet breathe. This is not your typical heel where you need to find a very fitting shoe. Running shoes are different and need to have more space.

When you’re visiting any PUMA store, do let the staff know what you’re looking for and it’s best if you’re more specific with the details and purposes. You might need to check out the PUMA Singapore website at to know what women’s running shoes you are looking for.