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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Annual Town Meeting Highlights

The following topics were discussed at the annual meeting of the township held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 beginning at 8PM.  Official minutes of this annual town meeting have not yet been approved.


Residents attending the annual meeting were  Leslie Myhre, Alfred Storlie, Tim Sand, Paul Viste, Rita Kelly, Butch O'Bieglo and Gerald Peter.  Township officers attending the meeting were Neil Halverson, Brad Kelly, Steve Vrieze, Keri Sand and Charles Olson. 


Keri Sand, township clerk, called the meeting to order.  Township residents elected Paul Viste as moderator of the meeting.


Topics Discussed


Treasurer's Report


Chuck Olson distributed and presented the treasurer's report of financial activity during year 2016, and reported on the township bank balances available.


Year 2017 Budget


Keri Sand circulated and presented a review of the year 2017 budget approved by the township board.  The information showed the comparison of revenue and spending for years 2014, 2015, and 2016 to show the history of which fund the money had come from and where the money was allocated to.


Property Tax Levy for 2018


Keri Sand presented the township board's recommended options for a property tax levy for 2018.  The township board recommended a total levy in the amount of $105,575.00 which is $2,575 more than the levy for year 2017.


Past Year


Brad Kelly reported on the clean up and FEMA process after the flood damage in the township. He explained how the Board of Supervisors worked with FEMA and completed all of the needed paperwork to meet all of the requirements to obtain reimbursement. The township should receive a payment of $54,000.00 from FEMA.


Brad also went over the condition of the roads. The township roads are in good shape. There is a plan to gravel roads that sustained damage during the flood. This will be completed in the spring. The township did have some issues with the road equipment this past year that caused some pricey repairs but everything running well now.   


Times for Annual Meeting and Regular Board Meetings


At the recommendation of the township board, township residents approved scheduling the annual town meeting to begin at 8:05PM on March 13, 2018.  All township board meetings will start at 7:00PM during 2017.


Official Newspaper


The township residents designated the Fillmore County Journal as the official newspaper of the township.


Report of Annual Election


Keri Sand reported on the results of the township election.  Steve Vrieze was re-elected as township supervisor, and Chuck Olson was re-elected as township treasurer.