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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Roads


Preble Township owns and operates approximately 28 miles of gravel roads connecting all areas of the township to state highway 43 and county roads 12 and 18.  Click here to view a map showing roads located in Preble Township.  Some of these roads are township-owned roads.  Click on this link to view the list of township roads.

Most of the Preble Township budget is used for repairing and maintaining township roads.  Preble employs a road maintenance engineer who uses township road maintenance equipment to maintain the roads.  Preble also engages independent road repair crews for major repair and rebuilding work.  Independent road contractors can obtain the road repair agreement form used by Preble Township by clicking on this link.

Summer Road Program

Preble has a summer road program of grading and graveling road surfaces.  Road water drainage is enhanced with regular ditch and culvert repair designed to prevent rain from accumulating on the road surfaces.  Vegetation is regularly removed from road shoulders. 

Dust Control Chemicals

The township does not apply dust control chemicals to sections of township roads.  Residents who want to minimize road dust in front of their homes can apply acceptable dust control chemicals that do not (i) degrade or damage the township road, or (ii) damage vehicles using the township road.  Township dust control policy requires that you contact the road maintenance engineer or township clerk two weeks before you apply a coating of dust control chemicals to sections of roads in front of your property.

If you do not warn the township clerk or road maintenance engineer, you risk the prospect of having your dust control chemical graded over by our road maintenance engineer, who might be unaware of its presence while grading.  If the road maintenance engineer is forewarned, he will use his best effort to avoid grading over your dust control chemical.  If you do not contact Robert Housker before you treat the road with dust control chemicals, the township will not be responsible for grading over your dust control treatment.

Winter Road Program

Preble has a winter road program designed primarily to quickly remove newly-fallen ice and snow from township roads.  The township does not have sufficient resources to remove all snow from township roads by 6AM.  Road priorities must be established, with roads that transport school buses and dairy trucks receiving first priority.  Township policy is that posted minimum maintenance roads are not plowed free of snow or ice during winter.  'Minimum maintenance' roads are closed during winter.

The township does not have a program to provide regular driveway snowplowing and de-icing services to residents.  Preble urges you to contact commercial plowing services for assistance in snowplowing and de-icing your driveway.  If you encounter an urgent hardship requiring assistance with your driveway, you may contact the township, and our road maintenance engineer will try to assist you.  The plowing of township roads has an absolute priority over the plowing of private driveways.  And, our road maintenance engineer has the right to refuse to plow any private driveway if he believes (i) the driveway is inaccessible to the township's road equipment, (ii) plowing the driveway could result in the road equipment being stuck or stranded, or (iii) plowing the driveway could damage the township's road plowing equipment. 

Preble Township will charge you the following rates for winter driveway snowplowing and de-icing services:

1.  For snowplowing or de-icing private driveways with an application of gravel:  $50, $75, $100 plus the cost of gravel, depending upon the length of the driveway, as determined by the road maintenance engineer.

2.  For snowplowing private driveways without an application of gravel:  $50, $75, or $100, as determined by the road maintenance engineer.

All charges for snowplowing and de-icing private driveways must be paid in full within 30 days after they have been billed.  If such charges are not fully and timely paid, Preble Township will not allow the road maintenance engineer to continue providing any snowplowing or de-icing services.

If you have any problems with township roads in your area, please contact the Preble Townhall at 507-493-5636 and leave a voicemail message.  You may also call David Larson, township clerk, at 507-864-2690.