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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble News


The Preble Township board will use this Preble News section to let you know about events and news affecting the township.

Wisel Cemetery Restoration

Several residents of Preble Township have organized a nonprofit Wisel Cemetery Association, to begin efforts to restore the Civil War-era Wisel Cemetery located in section 18 of the township.  The Wisel Cemetery burial grounds are in desperate condition. A few original monuments have been stolen. The Wisel family and Lerohl family monuments are cracked and in need of repair. Grazing cattle have damaged the burial grounds over the years. The old fencing has fallen into the burial grounds. Vegetation is taking over the cemetery.

The new Wisel Cemetery Association has acquired ownership of the burial grounds from the descendants of the Lerohl family.  The nonprofit cemetery association intends to repair and replace fencing, repair damaged grave monuments, and restore and mow the burial grounds.

If you are interested in the Wisel Cemetery, or would like to contribute to this restoration project, please contact Brad Kelly, Bill Stahl or David Williams -- residents of Preble Township.  You can also contact members of the Preble Township board of supervisors.

Well Water Testing

The Fillmore County Public Health Department and Soil & Water Conservation District urge rural homeowners to test their wells to make sure nitrates, coliform and E.coli bacteria are not present.  Test kits are available at the Soil & Water Conservation District and Public Health Department offices in Preston.

Storlie School

The old Storlie School (1926 to 1953) and former Preble Community Center (1953 to around 1980) has been restored.  The Arneson family, who own and restored the school building, recently held an open house at the Storlie School, which is located at 44986 County Road 18.  Photographs and additional information about the old Storlie School can be seen at www.storlieschool.com.

Family History Research

Some of you are involved in family history research of your ancestors who lived in Preble Township.  We have a research tool that might be of some help to you.  Bruce Larson, a Preble historian, has compiled two extensive lists of births and deaths of residents of Preble Township during the period 1872 to 1900.  Click on these two Excel spreadsheets to view the births and deaths of township residents during this historical period.  Also visit our township history page.

Building Permits:

Remember, if you are going to build any structure (house, house addition, shed, barn, garage, deck) within the township, you must get a building permit from the Fillmore County Zoning Administrator.  Click here to download the Fillmore County building permit application form.

You should go to the Fillmore County Zoning Administrator at least one month before you plan to start construction on your project.  Fill out the permit application, and bring the application to Cristal Adkins, the county zoning administrator.  If you have any questions, you can reach Cristal Adkins at 507-765-3325.  But, don't wait until you start construction to get your building permit.  If you wait, you might find that construction will be delayed until the building permit is approved by Fillmore County.

Trout Fishing:

As most of you are aware, the Minnesota DNR adopted fishing regulations that restrict the type of fishing that can occur in many trout streams in Southeastern Minnesota.  Those regulations apply to Camp Creek, South Fork Root River and Wisel Creek.  These fishing restrictions limit many streams to catch-and-release fishing. The regulations are complex, so you should check the regulations for each stream before fishing.  Click on this link to view the DNR's regulations and stream maps.

While you're out fishing in South East Minnesota: Steve Erickson is a DNR Fisheries Specialist at Lanesboro and one of his responsibilities is beaver control. Steve is asking for help from anglers in finding beaver dams on trout streams. If you see a beaver dam on a trout stream you are fishing in the our area, please contact Steve and let him know the exact location where you encountered the dam. You can call Steve at the Lanesboro Fisheries Office. The number is (507) 467-2442 or you can e-mail him at steven.erickson@dnr.state.mn.us.