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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Board Meeting Highlights

The following topics were discussed at the regular meeting of the board of supervisors held on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 beginning at 7:00PM.  Official minutes of this board meeting have not yet been approved.


Township officers attending the meeting were Brad Kelly, Neil Halverson, Steve Vrieze, Chuck Olson and Keri Sand. Township road engineer Butch Obieglo attended the meeting.

Visitors: Doug Bergan


Brad Kelly, township president, called the meeting to order and led the discussion.


Topics Discussed


Treasurer's Report


Chuck Olson reported that the township checking account balance at Rushford State Bank was $115,829.48 as of July 31, 2017.


Outstanding Bills


The township board reviewed bills received by Keri Sand. The total amount of outstanding bills were $1753.48. All outstanding bills were approved for payment. 


Road Report


Butch OBieglo reported that all the mowing has been done and the mower has been put away. He has been trimming brush. There is a current problem of trees being over the road. The plan is to contact someone to help with the trimming of the trees.   


Old Business


The board discussed where we were with the FEMA process. The P4 has been completed. Brad will forward the invoices to show that everything has been completed. 


New Business


Preble Township received a letter from the EPA notifying the township of the need to close the shop drain. The township will do what is needed to take care of this issue.   


Meeting adjourned.