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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Board Meeting Highlights

The following topics were discussed at the regular meeting of the board of supervisors held on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, beginning at 7:00PM.  Official minutes of this board meeting have not yet been approved.


Township officers attending the meeting were Brad Kelly, Neil Halverson, Steve Vrieze, Chuck Olson and David Larson.  Township residents Paul Olson and David Williams attended the meeting.  Township road engineer Butch Obieglo attended the meeting.  Minnesota DNR forester Jim Edgar attended the meeting.


Brad Kelly, township president, called the meeting to order and led the discussion.


Topics Discussed


Treasurer's Report


Chuck Olson reported that the township checking account balance at Rushford State Bank was $80,908.44 as of April 30, 2015, after the payment of all April bills.  Olson reported that $18,691.43 was expended by the township during April.  Of this amount, $12,090.30 was paid to Bank of the West as a road grader loan payment. 


Outstanding Bills


The township board reviewed bills received by David Larson since the April meeting. The total amount of outstanding bills, excluding current wages, was $5,597.12.  All outstanding bills were approved for payment. 


Road Report


Butch Obieglo reported that Wiltgen Construction had delivered and spread gravel onto areas of 431st Avenue, 160th Street, 216th Street, South Fork Road, 455th Avenue and 198th Street.  Additionally, scheduled tree trimming in various areas was completed during April and early May.


Tri-County Electric Cable Installation


David Larson reported that he had received a notice from Tri-County Electric indicating their intention to install underground cable beneath 180th Street west of Highway 43 to provide better electric service to the Gingerich property at 42858 180th Street.


Vitse Bridge Update


Brad Kelly reported that the Fillmore County Highway Department has released a bid for the construction work of replacing the Vitse bridge.  The bid is scheduled to be awarded to the successful bidder on June 22nd.


Proposed Joint Powers Agreement With DNR


Jim Edgar gave a presentation to the township board requesting the township's assistance in providing gravel and road maintenance services for the DNR on Camper Lane, the private roadway in section 19 that leads to State of Minnesota property.  Edgar proposes that Preble Township enter into a joint powers agreement with the DNR to provide gravel and road maintenance services on Camper Lane twice a year.  The DNR would pay Preble Township all costs of gravel and road equipment and labor costs for this work.  The township board agreed to this proposal, and copies of a proposed joint powers agreement will be circulated for review and signature.


Disaster Relief Paperwork


Brad Kelly reported that he provided the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management agency with the final paperwork confirming the completion of road repair work last year following the year 2013 flooding.  The paperwork has been accepted by the state agency, and the agency will not pay Preble Township the remaining $3,600 of retained disaster relief funding.


Preble Township, New York


David Larson reported that he received an email communication from a resident of Preble Township in New York.  The New York resident proposed that the two township boards periodically communicate with each other.  The New York resident also mentioned that President Millard Fillmore, after whom our Minnesota county is named, was born in the Preble Township, New York area.