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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Board Meeting Highlights

The following topics were discussed at the regular meeting of the board of supervisors held on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, beginning at 7:00PM.  Official minutes of this board meeting have not yet been approved.


Township officers attending the meeting were Brad Kelly, Neil Halverson, Steve Vrieze, Chuck Olson and David Larson.  Township residents Paul Olson and David Williams attended the meeting.  Township road engineer Butch Obieglo attended the meeting.


Brad Kelly, township president, called the meeting to order and led the discussion.


Topics Discussed


Treasurer's Report


Chuck Olson reported that the township checking account balance at Rushford State Bank was $61,985.54 as of November 30, 2014, after the payment of all November bills.  Olson reported that $4,879.13 was expended by the township during November.  Olson also reported that $37,0005.03 in property tax revenue was deposited into the bank account in early December, which gives the township a checking account balance of $98,990.57 as of December 16, 2014.


Outstanding Bills


The township board reviewed bills received by David Larson since the November meeting. The total amount of outstanding bills, excluding current wages, was $10,209.47.  All outstanding bills were approved for payment. 


Road Report


Butch Obieglo reported that all roads have been recently plowed where required.  Recent temperature increases have melted almost all existing snow base.


Camper Lane Road Maintenance


Jim Edgar of the DNR forestry office asked the township board if Preble Township would be interested in maintaining Camper Lane, a roadway leading to DNR property in section 19 of the township.  Edgar stated that the DNR would be willing to contract with Preble Township and pay for maintenance of this road.  Brad Kelly stated to Edgar that Camper Lane is not a township roadway, but that the township would consider entering into a contractor's agreement with the DNR for maintenance of this roadway.  The township will contact Edgar with its decision within 60 days.


Year 2015 Budget Preparation


The township board discussed the proposed year 2015 budget line items, but concluded that additional financial information on actual expenses for year 2014 is needed before preparing a draft of the year 2015 budget.  David Larson stated that the actual year 2014 financial statement will be available during the first week of January, and will be circulated among township officers for review.  The township board will continue discussion of the year 2015 budget at the January board meeting.


Clerks Computer


Brad Kelly reported that he purchased a laptop for the township clerk from CPU in Cresco.  The owner of CPU is loading the CTAS software onto the new machine.  The new laptop should be available for use within one week.


Snowplowing Driveways


The township board reiterated that Preble Township will not provide snowplowing services to residents who have not paid outstanding invoices for plowing during the 2013-2014 winter season.  All snowplowing invoices must be fully paid within 30 days after they are sent to township residents.


Township Election


David Larson reminded the township board that the offices of township treasurer and one township supervisor position currently held by Neil Halverson will be on the ballot at the March 10, 2015 township election.  The filing period for candidates begins on December 30, 2014 and ends on January 13, 2015.