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Fillmore  County,  Minnesota           


Preble Township Board Meeting Highlights

The following topics were discussed at the regular meeting of the board of supervisors held on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, beginning at 7:00PM.  Official minutes of this board meeting have not yet been approved.


Township officers attending the meeting were Brad Kelly, Neil Halverson, Steve Vrieze, Chuck Olson and David Larson.  Township resident David Williams attended the meeting.  Township road engineer Butch Obieglo attended the meeting.  Chad Wiltgen from Wiltgen Construction attended the meeting.


Brad Kelly, township president, called the meeting to order and led the discussion.


Topics Discussed


Treasurer's Report


Chuck Olson reported that the township checking account balance at Rushford State Bank was $162,247.47 as of March 31, 2014, after the payment of all March bills.  Olson reported that $11,349.90 was expended by the township during March.


Outstanding Bills


The township board reviewed bills received by David Larson since the March meeting. The total amount of outstanding bills, excluding current wages, was $5,220.96.  All outstanding bills were approved for payment. 


Road Report


Butch Obieglo has begun grading township roads, with two roads remaining to be initially graded for spring.  Brad Kelly reported that the township supervisors and Obieglo conducted a tour of all township roads on April 10th.  All township roads are in good condition, but rock needs to be applied onto several identified roads.


Townhall Repairs


Brad Kelly reported that most of the interior repairs of the townhall have been completed, including the painting of interior walls and the installation of new flooring.


Rock Quotes


David Larson reported that he had received the following quotes for 3/4 inch road rock deliveries from rock suppliers:

  • Bruening Rock Products:  (1) $8.19 per ton delivered and spread, and (2) ice rock - $11.90 per ton delivered

  • Sorum Rock:  (1) $7.90 per ton delivered and spread, and (2) ice rock - $11.11 per ton delivered

  • Wiltgen Construction:  (1) $8.19 per ton delivered and spread, and ice rock - $11.00 per ton delivered

Vitse Bridge


Brad Kelly reported that the township received a letter from Ronald Gregg, the Fillmore County road engineer, informing Preble Township that he recently performed a visual inspection of the Vitse bridge [L4665] in section 10 of the township.  Gregg stated that the abutment at the southwest corner of the bridge is sinking, and that the bridge is deteriorating.  Kelly reported that the township supervisors met with Gregg at the Vitse bridge site, and that Gregg voiced his concerns about continued use of the bridge.  Gregg stated to the township supervisors that his staff will conduct an underwater inspection of the bridge in the spring, and will then make determinations about continued use of the bridge.  In the interim, Gregg and township supervisors agreed to post the bridge at weight limits of not more than 3 tons.  Additionally, Gregg stated that all heavy farm equipment use of the bridge must cease immediately.  The township supervisors decided to send a letter to all property owners and farmers using the bridge, informing them of the deteriorating condition and weight limits.  The letter should include a copy of the letter dated April 1, 2014 received from Ronald Gregg.  David Larson and David Williams will prepare the letter and send it to property owners and farmers using the bridge.


Road Grader


The township board discussed the proposal received from Ziegler/Caterpillar for Preble Township to purchase an almost new Caterpillar road grader for a purchase price of $215,455.  Ziegler / Caterpillar would provide a trade-in allowance of $80,000 for the township's current road grader.  The net purchase price of the new road grader would be $135,455.  Chuck Olson has contacted several lenders to determine possible arrangements for borrowing funds to purchase the road grader.  The township board agreed to purchase the Caterpillar road grader from Ziegler / Caterpillar based upon their proposal.  The township board intends to pay approximately $20,000 as a cash downpayment on the new equipment.  Chuck Olson will continue meeting with bank lenders to work out the best terms and conditions for borrowing funds for the purchase.